How NBC IT Outsourcing became Scalo

Technology drives global competition.

We live in a time of rapid changes in business, where success greatly depends on the ability to use technology to achieve organisational goals.


We started out dealing with the outsourcing of IT specialists. We have experience in working with clients from a range of industries, supporting them in finding the right solution to their competence issues.

It has been a very fruitful time in which we continued to gain experience in the field of design, thanks to which our services have become increasingly tailored to the business needs of our clients.

We gained competences and expanded our experience.

Within a decade, our people – with experience and suitable competences – have become a priceless part of the company’s portfolio. We invariably offer a comprehensive set of programming services: from business analysis and UX design, to the development of front-end applications and back-end implementations, to testing.

What also distinguishes us is our unique way of working and producing software based on the assumptions of the Agile method. We follow a simple but extremely accurate assumption – that applications are created to support business operations.


By engaging with interesting projects we open up to growth opportunities for our people. The team is encouraged to undertake ambitious tasks and to take initiative. We all share excitement about our mission, vision and services, what gives us a boost of energy for a better performance.

We offer development tools, trainings and support our people in strengthening competences also for future leadership opportunities.

That’s why we became Scalo. The Software Partner.

Scale your career with us!

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