We are committed to helping others. We know that small steps may not save the world, but we can certainly put a smile on someone’s face.
Charity runs, the “Noble Gift” initiative, helping various foundations, and numerous other actions are all waiting for you in the #ScaloTeam. So, will you join us?


We have our own proprietary industry event: ProMEET—technology-oriented meetings for people from the IT world. They are held in various cities across Poland and focus on the latest technologies. You can come and listen, but you can also take part as an expert and speaker.

The goal is simple—to make the meetings substantive and relaxed.


Software is People. That’s why team building is an important element in our Team: We like spending time together—not just at work, but outside the office too.
We organize get-togethers and go running, we have a friendly wager on the big game, and share our passions.
And how about you? How can you inspire us?

We try to get to know our colleagues not only in a professional sense. Each of us has different passions and hobbies, like running, biking, kitesurfing, etc. And how about you? What are you keen on?

We also spend time together AFTER WORK. Social outings to the cinema, bowling, trips out of town, competitions, sumo tournaments, magic shows, going running together, you name it—there’s really a lot of options to choose from!

With us, you’ll never get bored!

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