For years we have been actively building a community of IT practitioners and enthusiasts – people who care about professional development, establishing new contacts and sharing their experience with others.

ProMEETs are cyclical meetings, organized in the largest Polish cities, which provide an excellent platform for the exchange of information and experience on technological novelties, good practices, as well as strictly technical issues related to programming or testing.

There are two assumptions: it is supposed to be substantive and also relaxed.


We try to get to know our colleagues not only professionally. Each of us has different passions and shenanigans, which together create a wide range of possibilities. Running, biking, kitesurfing. And you? What are you interested in?

We also spend time together after work. Each meeting is an opportunity to build a lasting relationship with the people with whom you spend much of the day.

Going to the cinema, bowling, trips out of town, competitions, sumo tournaments, magician shows, running together – there are really many options!

What’s more, everyone can submit their idea for the evening and we will implement it together.

We guarantee, you will never be bored with us!


Why is it worth helping? Because we believe that the good returns and it is better to be good than not!

Since the beginning of our activity, we have been trying to support various charity actions and social initiatives.

Not only do we help others, but we also get our employees involved in every undertaking.  For nothing unites more than acting in the right cause!

Szlachetna Paczka, charity runs, supporting animal shelters or programming courses for the youngest are just some of our initiatives in which we are involved.

Want to join us? That’s great! 🙂 [Let’s do something good together!]

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